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During the first decades after its emerging, photography has been connected with its ‘truth to detail’, its first critics often relating to the camera as an objective medium capturing reality. The idea of a photograph was and for many still seems that what we see is what has to have happened and what did not happen is not to be seen, at least not on a photograph. ‘Last Loosening’ circles around the idea of the overlooked; ephemeral moments that are easily overseen and forgotten in the rush of our daily lives.
With close inspection on small elements within a photograph, a new narrative emerges. A story is invented and constructed- engendering the possibility of observing something that hovers in the interstice of film and photography. Text taken from Walter Serner, Letzte Lockerung Manifest Dada, 1918.

Lethe. 2015

“Zeit, sagt man, ist Lethe; aber auch Fernluft ist so ein Trank, und sollte sie weniger gründlich wirken, so tut sie es dafür desto rascher.”

Thomas Mann, Der Zauberberg, 1924