Artist Statement:
A large print floating into the room shows the jungle surrounding the ruins of Chichén Itzá, the once prospering town of the Mexican peninsula Yucatán leaving one impressing archaeological site. I strolled away from the crowds of tourists and looked into the depths of the forest, down the canyons. I tried to recognize where exactly I was, but the signposts were completely faded and I simply let the place take effect on me. Suddenly, I was overcome by the feeling that the history of this place, that everything could have been just a wings flap ago. It seemed as if the sound of footsteps had just been fading. Or were they nearing?

(Exhibition Shots @Exponart Hamburg, part of group show, July 2020)


Series of letters drawn on paper are based on US-American philosopher and psychologist William James’ approach to explain the human perception of time and the felt ‘now-moment. My written listing of these letter-chains was an attempt to document this process and in it all now-moments. Hoping to be ideally losing awareness of the present moment with help of this meditative repetition. One ordinary trivial moment, captured on film, printed, folded to be passed by the viewer in order to create a moving image. In the framework of this piece, I enjoy the idea of dissecting time, both on an analytical and visual aesthetic level.


In these the photographs I am interested in the aspect of ‘time’ in the sense of fertility, growth and purity. Quiet progress in silence, in nature or society. In a very individual way, the image of the white horse, the scribbling of a female body on the wall of a house, the plant growing in a jar, all describe this, progress and growths, in a profound manner. I am fascinated by beauty that defies dirt and destruction, that beauty will always triumph and cannot be overshadowed by society, by darkness or poverty. For me, the images symbolize purity, an unbroken urge or striving – where to?


She looked at me silently, amidst all those dense calendars and magazines. Everything around her seemed to scream, “Buy me! Today! Tempo, news, trends, quick, gone!”. The visual elements in this photo seem to come from absolutely different eras. Nothing really seem to match on here, which gives it a certain touch of the contradiction. I took the photo on a bustling street in Mexico City. It was crowded and loud, I rushed through the streets. This poster print symbolizes the chaos and moreover, an overload of our modern times. It reflects the constantly (too) rapidly passing of various eras. And finally, it shows what defies this transience. Icons, authenticity, – art ?